Mai Vang, REALTOR®

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Mai Vang
Mai Vang

In a sea of qualified realtors, Mai stands out for her business acumen and altruism, ability to translate her clients’ needs and desires, and nimbly and tirelessly work to accomplish their real estate goals. Mai has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, and prior to pursing her dream in the real estate market, she has garnered broad-based experience in financial, accounting, marketing, client relations, and operational functions of an enterprise. Her unique blend of knowledge and experience when applied to the real estate market puts her clients at a distinct advantage. Mai is committed to help protect the value of her clients’ greatest asset and increase their wealth.

Service-oriented, Mai’s clients find her devoted, attentive and conscientious. She is a skilled communicator and negotiator who saves her clients the time, effort and aggravation of finding the right home at a price they can afford as well as selling a home quickly for the highest possible price. For investors seeking to turn a quick profit, she is keen on finding an under-valued property that can be upgraded and sold for a premium. Mai is focused, versatile, and willing to go the extra mile to make each transaction as simple, smooth and satisfying as possible.

Mai has always had a passion for real estate understanding the satisfaction of owning property and building one’s wealth. An avid follower of the real estate market, Mai is dedicated to being a leader in the industry by providing the highest ethical standards of real estate practices, high-quality and powerful marketing tools, and exceptional service to her clients.