Julianna Gimelli, REALTOR®

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Julianna Gimelli
Julianna Gimelli
I have an in-depth understanding of what Central California has to offer. Whether you’re finding a place for your family to call home, looking to settle down for retirement, seeking that vacation getaway or expanding your proprietary assets, my readiness to adapt and wholeheartedly engage in any venture will ensure an unparalleled experience in finding your next home. Known for my patience and consistent communication, I truly care about meeting my client's needs and goals. I am an outgoing people person and you can tell that I love what I do. One of the most valued aspects I find in my work is the lasting friendships I make. Originating from the Bay Area, then living on the Central Coast, and now in the Central Valley, I have a large clientele base to build upon. I am happy to call Central California home due to its central location and phenomenal scenery. Within a couple hours, you can be at the coast, the city, the desert, or the mountains. I can help you find the home you are looking for or list your current home with the latest advertising options. My specialty is income-producing properties. I have educational experience in marketing, specializing in social media advertising. I believe real estate isn’t just about closing another deal, but rather welcoming a new friend and neighbor into our community.
When not with clients I am spending my time with family and friends somewhere outdoors. I also enjoy cooking and making art. I am a supporter and volunteer at Food Not Bombs, which is a non-profit who serves those in need freshly cooked organic, vegan meals in Fresno.
Whether you are buying or selling- I am your girl!