Nicole Hamilton-McManus, REALTOR®

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Nicole Hamilton-McManus
Nicole Hamilton-McManus
Real Dreams...Real Estate!

What does that even mean? For me, it connects to a fundamental part of the American Dream, to own your own house. It means setting down roots, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a lifetime, in the community of your choice as a homeowner. For me, that means living in the foothills east of Clovis where I have become use to exploring the backroads that often contain secluded houses and properties that people have turned into their homes, sometimes for generations. It is where my husband and I raise our family and a menagerie of animals. It is where I have been able to become involved in the community develop a strong sense of belonging. I was raised in Fresno, and have lived in Clovis and Sanger which provides me with tremendous insights in helping both buyers and sellers fulfill their own real estate dreams.

From my Bachelor of Science degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship, I am extremely passionate about supporting small and local businesses so that I may add to their growth and success. I am equally passionate about serving my clients and guiding them to identify their real estate dreams, and then helping them make those dreams a reality. I am passionate about helping people, and have a special passion for military families who do so much for our country. Helping them realize their dreams is a small way for me to give back to them for the sacrifices they make. I love what I do and I am genuinely ecstatic for my clients when their dreams become true!

Real Dreams...Real Estate! I will be honored to help you make those dreams a reality.