Rena Estes, REALTOR®

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Rena Estes
Rena Estes
Over many years I had became more and more interested in real estate.  Starting from the time I listed my first home for sale.  The agents worked so hard for me, answered my many questions, made suggestions and got me through the process.  Two of my lifelong friends and mentors were successful business women with drive and passion, they made valuable suggestions throughout my life. Both of these women were Realtors at a Century 21 office. I had always admired their work ethic, their commitment to the client, business and to their families.
When an opportunity to work for a busy real estate/property management office came up, I jumped at it.  I worked behind the scenes for years, and then decided it was time to get my license. From that time on I got to work with buyers and sellers, investors and flippers, large properties and small, bare land and subdivisions.  Learning about the 'not so pleasant for many' short sales and foreclosures, and the wonderful words; "your offer has been accepted", "you're on record, "congratulations, here are your keys".
I am looking forward to working through the cycles of life in real estate. To be an asset to my clients, my business, my family, and my community  I love seeing the look on the faces of clients when they walk into a house for the first time and it "feels" like home. Add that to the feelings when you hand over the keys to their new home, you see the delight on their faces and you know they have just started a new adventure.
Home ownership has always been important to me.  I understand the desire to buy. The need to have a "place to call home" or an investment for the future.  I want to be part of that and real estate gives me the opportunity to BE part of that!