Saundra Goncalves, REALTOR®

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Saundra Goncalves
Saundra Goncalves

Vibrant and beautiful, each wildflower is placed in the ground with care. Saundra Goncalves stands back to look at the result of an afternoon’s hard work. It’s stunning. Rows of colorful flowers bring the yard to life in vivid detail. And although it wasn’t her job to jump in and help her friend with the gardening, Saundra enjoyed the experience.

Throughout her life, Saundra has made a tradition of helping others. As is often the case, what was once a business client soon became a friend and for Saundra, a friend in need is hard to resist. Whether it is helping in the yard or adding some color to an inside wall with a coat of paint, it is truly in Saundra’s nature to offer her time and endless energy.                                                   

However, Saundra’s enjoyment of giving to others extends much farther than what she does for her family, friends and business associates. She also loves giving back to her community in Oakdale, California. As a member of the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, her local neighborhood watch and an American Cancer Society volunteer, Saundra’s patience and willingness to give her time and effort are evident in all she does. Whether it is as the Art Corp. teacher in her son’s classes, as a member of the local softball team or as a fund raiser for local causes, Saundra’s tradition is to pitch in and treat others the way she’d want to be treated.

A helping hand

Where Saundra really adds her assistance to the community is in her real estate career. Here, her patience, care and continuous hard work help those who have placed their trust in her to find the perfect solution for their real estate needs.

Attention to detail

As someone who knows Oakdale intimately, Saundra brings a detail-oriented, patient approach to every home purchase or sale. She looks at each transaction from the viewpoint of her client, taking the time to find out exactly what is important to them and what their goals are so she can provide them with the best possible service.

It is not unusual for Saundra to use her own home decorating skills in the process. In fact, she’s even been known to supervise painters and set up furniture to help a property sell. As someone who has laid tile and Pergo® flooring by hand in her own home, Saundra’s artistic attention to detail gives her clients the additional edge.

Reaping the benefits

If you are buying or selling a home in the beautiful area of Oakdale, contact the Realtor® who is intimately connected to the community. Saundra’s patience, care and strong work ethic show in everything she does. Call Saundra Goncalves today. She’s made A Tradition of Helping Others, let her help find the perfect solution to meet your needs.