Terri Cantrell, REALTOR®

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Terri Cantrell
Terri Cantrell
Terri Cantrell, Century 21 M & M Real Estate Agent

Are you looking for a waterfront property, a ranchette, or maybe a home on the golf course? Terri Cantrell, Realtor, has 24 years experience selling these types of properties in Oakdale, Riverbank, Escalon,La Grange, Copperopolis and the Sierra foothills.See Terri's Listings...


For most of those 24 years, Terri Cantrell sold properties in and around the Sierra foothills based out of offices in Copperopolis, then in 2008 she joined Century 21 M&M Real Estate inOakdale,CA.


What sets Terri Cantrell apart? She says simply, “I CARE”. Terri goes the extra mile whether that means spending time researching, following up on inspections, or just taking time to explain the details of a transaction to a client. And because Terri genuinely cares, and in turn, her clients care.


Terri Cantrell says “I pretty much devote my life to this business. It is all I’ve done for 24 years and I’m good at it.” Furthermore she states “I know my way around the real estate transaction, I know what is required and when to do it. I really care about my clients.”